Truck Cover Truck Cover Review

Intro This is a review of one of the truck covers offered at The fine folks there sent a sample cover to test out and evaluate. So why bother with a cover for your truck? Well, in my case, I've got a leaky sunroof and a a nasty rust spot along the edge of the windshield that always leaks. Since my truck sits in my driveway, there's no avoiding the rain and snow and the musty smell that goes along with a wet interior. But there are plenty … Continue Reading ››

A Beginner’s Guide To Building A Toyota 4×4

by: Robert Bickford a.k.a. DEADLYPEACE For those beginner’s out there that want to build a real toy to play with. Or even those that already have a Toyota 4x4 and just want to add to it and make it better. Then here are some ideas that can feed to your brain to get you started in the right direction. So you are interested in building a Toyota for some serious fun on the rocks or to make a muddy mess of? Well this simple straight to the point article will give you some direction as far as different options to look … Continue Reading ››

Dana 44 Axle Rebuild

by: Robert Bickford a.k.a. DEADLYPEACE

Axle Rebuild

For those of you out there with Dana 44 font axle on your Toyota who would like to tear down and rebuild it instead of taking it to the shop and getting charged your first born for the work. Then here's how you to do it.

NOTE: This was done on a Dana 44 Chevy axle, but the other Dana axles are fairly similar. A manual or a talk with a dealer/mechanic for torque specs is a good idea. I know some of the … Continue Reading ››


Optima Yellow Top Battery Review

by: DEADLYPEACE Battery Model: D34/78 Part Number: 8014-045 Nominal Voltage: 12 volts NSN: 6140 01 457 4341 Description: High power, dual purpose engine start and deep cycle, sealed lead acid battery Physical Characteristics: Plate Design: High purity lead-tin alloy. Wound cell configuration utilizing proprietary SPIRALCELL® technology. Electrolyte: Sulfuric acid, H2SO4 Case: Polypropylene Color: Case: Light Gray   Cover: “OPTIMA” Yellow Group Size: BCI (Battery Council International): 34 Length: 10.018” Width: 6.886” Height: 7.841” (Height at the top of terminals) Weight: 43.5 lb Terminal Configuration: SAE / BCI automotive and GM style side terminal … Continue Reading ››
Hy-Steer Linkage

Hy-Steer Crossover Steering

by: Robert Bickford a.k.a. DEADLYPEACE

Does your solid front axle Toyota 4x4's trucks still have that junk stock steering system? Then here's some information on a hy-steer/crossover steering setup, and how to install them.

Can I Use My Stock Steering Setup With My Suspension Lift? Yes, but… Toyota's stock draglink (front-to-back) steering setup is generally okay for lifts up to 3" or so-as long as you keep the center pin in the stock location. Or you can use a drop drag link that makes the front-to-back setup work with up to a … Continue Reading ››

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