Sway-A-Way 25mm Torsion Bars

Cost: These bars cost me $130 at 4wheelparts, but after I ordered mine found them for $108 on performanceparts.com. Shop around, you should be able to get them for a little more than $100.

Install Time: Since I sprayed all my bolts about a week in advance only took me about 4hrs to remove and install new bars. Then 20 minutes to adjust them.

The Process: I started a week before spraying my torsion bolts and guides with penetrating oil to loosen things up. It seemed to help a lot. The first thing you need is a friend, a 22mm socket, 22mm box end wrench and large breaker bar.

To get the box end wrench to stay in place, I had to slide a 4way lug wrench into my confer skidplate and thru the open end of the box end wrench. Then have my friend hold the end while I turned the bolts with my rachet and breaker bar.

After you remove the bolts, grab the end of the torsion bars and wiggle those puppies around as hard as you can then yank them backwards. Out they should come. Now switch the bars in the holders and start the hard process of working the new ones in the front guides. After I got them in, I took an 8lbs sledge and pounded those suckers back in their grooves until the bracket lined up with bolt holes.

Next, I coated my original bolts with antiseize grease before I put them back so the adjusting would go easy. After they are bolted back in, measure the distance from the top of the rim to the bottom of the fender. I cranked mine back and for on both sides til they each measured 14 3/4". This is because the new bumper I am building made mine sink back to 14 ½.

You will notice right away a much stiffer ride. But over bumps and potholes at higher speeds there is a much more controlled and isolated feel.

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