Chevy Alternator Swap

Parts needed:

1. AC Delco CS 130D for a 94' Chevy S-10 2.2L
2. 6" of 1/4" bar stock
3. 8' of 10gauge power wire
4. 4 pin harness off an S-10 alt. from pick-a-part yard
5. Wire connectors and crimping tool
6. New alternator belt 1 1/2" longer than stock.
7. This website:

Well, as we all know the stock alternator on our 22RE's pretty much lacks with it's wimpy 60amp output. After my last fight with my alternator I decided to go with a GM swap I've heard about so much. After looking on the Internet I couldn't find anything specific on it so I decided to do this write up to help all you out there who share my pain.

Ok, first off there's alot of different choices you can go with when it comes to GM alternators but I chose to do it with an AC Delco CS130D off a 1994 Chevy S-10 2.2L 4cyl. because it puts out 105amps and it was free.

First thing to make things allot easier is to unbolt the power steering pump from the block and remove the distributor. You can then just move them both to the rear of the engine compartment so you don't have to undo any of the hoses or spark plug wires. It also helps to remove your fan shroud.

Next is to remove your stock alternator, this part is pretty straight forward.

Now position the new alternator into the bottom stock bracket and bolt it in loosely, don't worry about that bit of space between the new alternator mount and the stock bracket.

Now you'll need about 6" of flat bar stock to run from the top mount of the alternator to the stock upper bracket. Cut the bar stock to the length you need and mark where your holes need to be drilled. Then use the old bolt to mount the bar to the alternator and then just use a nut and a bolt to put through the bar and bracket.(For the new bolt just use your old one for size reference and use your best judgment for length).

Now for the wiring part of this install. On the back of the alternator where the harness plugs in there should be 4 letters(S,F/I,L,P). You only need to use S and F/I. On the old round harness that plugged into the old stocker there are 3 wires, one is a constant 12v or signal and you connect that to the "S" wire on the new harness. One wire is noticeably smaller and that runs to your idiot light. Connect that wire to a 12V switched power source (not the wire right next to it!) Then you have a switched 12v source left and you connect that to the F/I wire. This one is the most important since it tells the alternator to start charging.

Now take your new 10 gauge wire and run that from the post on the back straight to the battery. At this point you might want to remove the old post wire. That can be done easily by tracing it up to the little black box it runs into and unbolting it. You'll know what I mean when you open that box.

Plug in your new spiced in harness and put the power steering pump assembly and the distributor back in place.

Install your new belt and using a box wrench and socket wrench (along with a buddy to pry the belt tight).

Tighten the bar stock to the old bracket.

Tighten up all the loose ends and such and give it a go.

The alternator charges like a monster and no load so far has dimmed my lights at all.

Good luck!


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