Flex-A-Lite Fan Review

Supplier: Summit Racing Equipment
Price: $215.00

The #165 Flex-A-Lite fan is made to bolt right up to a 84-94 4 or 6 cylinder Toyota 4x4. Also fits Landcruiser FJ40 up thru 83. The install was very easy to do. It was a simple bolt up and easy wiring mod and all the hardware and wiring was included. Total time for the installation was about .5 hour (without problem below).

With an electric engine cooling fan you can free up a few HP's and add too your water pump life that the stock fan and fan clutch rob from your engine. It will also increase your gas mileage from 1-5 MPG, and maybe more depending on engine and set-up.

With this mod I freed up enough HP's on my 22R to increase my hill climbs faster and at lower RPM's. Long steep back country hills that I was pushing 35-40 MPH on I'm now doing at 50 MPH and not having to down shift either. I've also notice that my engine runs about an average of 500 RPM's lower then it use to. I use to hit 4000 on a daily basis, but now I rarely ever hit it. Doing 90 down the high I run at about 3300, which use to about 4100.

Another nice thing is that with a flip of a switch (not included: PN# 31148) you can turn off the fan for water crossings or mud racing. The fan is adjustable from 180-240 degrees so you can also control at what temperature you want the fan come on at. It also has a rubber seal between the radiator and the fan shroud so that it will maximizes the air flow.

Now even though I'm about to a put a few points down on this product doesn't mean that it's bad or that the same thing will happen to you. I have put this fan in a few other trucks and always wanted to add it to mine, but never got around to it until now. I did not have a problem installing it in any of the other ones... but mine's always another story.

The problem I had when installed mine was that one of the nut inside the square tube mounts had something like a weld burger in the treads that striped and locked the bolt inside of the nut. I had to drill out the spot-welds and cut the bolt off (after pulling the nut from the mount). I then shaped a new nut to fit in the mount and spot-welded it into place. Put a little black paint on it and it was as good as new.

Orginal nut

Nut removed

New nut welded in

Another problem I had was that the screw on the outside of the control box was in the way of the radiator mounting bracket from sitting flat. For this I just grinded out a small notch in the bracket for it.

The last problem I had, which had nothing to do with the quality of the fan, was that I have a 3-core radiator instead of the stock 2-core. I also have radiator drop mounts for the 3" body lift I have. This put the fan a little too close to the engine with about an 1/8" of space between them. Each time the fan kicked off or accelerated I could hear the fan hitting the front of the belt tensioner pulley. So to temporally fix this I elongated the two bolt holes on the mounting brackets so that I could slide the fan forward enough to keep it from making contact with the engine. My permanent fix will be removing the radiator drop mounts and cutting out the original mount from the body and building a new one that will let the radiator sit forward about another 1/2".

In the long run there really is no cons to this mod as long as it bolts right in with no problems.

For a look at how to install this fan check out Snorleman's write-up


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