Toyota MegaCruiser  

This is it!  Toyota's answer to the Hummer.

The Mega Cruiser was designed as a military vehicle. A 2-speed transfer case has a high setting for paved roads and low gearing for crawling over obstacles.  Below are the dimensions, but I have no idea what unit of measure they are using (metric I assume). 

It looks to have a relatively high clearance, with a very aggressive stance.  The Mega Cruiser sits on 37-inch tires.  It is WIDE.  It has an 81-inch-wide cargo bay.  Like the hummer, much of the transmission seems to run right through the cab, leaving very little underneath to get hung up on rocks.  Also, note how the rear seats sit higher than the front seats.   Toyota hasn't yet announced U.S. pricing or availability.

Take a look a the FACTORY steering on the Mega Cruiser!  4 wheel steering makes navigating the hairiest of . trails a breeze.  With a turning radius of 5.6 meters (18.4 feet), the Mega Cruiser is by far the most agile of the Toyota Trucks.


The Mega Cruiser is powered by a 16 Valve Turbo Diesel engine seen below with a performance chart.

Special thanks to Phreak for converting this chart!


Safety wasn't left out of the MegaCruiser. Below, notice the corner fish-eye mirror, 3rd brake light, and ample signal  lights.